The constituent meeting of the Advisory Board of COOX Capital GmbH took place on 28 February 2023. The expectations of all participants were clearly exceeded.

COOX Advisory Board, the story 

There are many different reasons for installing an advisory board in a young or adult company. We are all familiar with this: namedropping, substance enrichment, attribution of competence, quality enhancement…. – The list could be continued indefinitely.

COOX Capital GmbH is a small team with a lot of experience in some areas. All partners have already seen many companies from the inside. They have been in different countries in different industries. All have experienced storms over and sunshine.

„Where there is no counselling, plans fail, but where there are many counsellors, they come about.“

Bible; Proverbs 15:22

Since the company was founded, the partners of COOX Capital GmbH have resolved to bring on board as much professional advice as possible in the elementary areas of the business – so that the plans succeed. For 2023, the composition of the advisory board is important from initially three aspects:

  • Regulatory
  • Investor relationship
  • Sustainability

In a first step, we were able to win two very experienced consultants for the areas of regulation and sustainability, who we will introduce personally in the next few days.

By the end of 2023, the third advisor position of the COOX Advisory Board for Investor Communications will be filled. The personal approach has already begun.

COOX Advisory Board, constituent meeting #01

The Advisory Boards of COOX Capital

  • Johannes Noelke, Chairman of the Advisory Board, Tax Advisor and Managing Director of Concettas Treuhand GmbH 
  • Dr.-Ing. André Brosowsik, Deputy Chairman of the Advisory Board, Chief Sustainability Officer at CERQ

121 minutes Efficiency

Besides the formalistic topics, such as the election of the chairman Johannes and his vice-chairman André and the adoption of the rules of procedure of the advisory board of COOX Capital GmbH, the current mandates of COOX were discussed in detail very quickly. The first mandate COOX received at the beginning of January 2023 was the issuance of a profit participation certificate for a bio-LNG project: The issue of a profit participation certificate for a Bio-LNG project.

The second project was also discussed at length. In mid-February 2023, COOX Capital GmbH had received a new mandate from bk Group AG: The placement of the €50m bk World GREEN BOND. This project is about mobile and modular stay-lounge concept („Qubes“) for electric vehicle charging parks, which bk World operates itself.

Participants of the first COOX Advisory Board meeting
Participants of the first COOX advisory board meeting; Photo: COOX Capital GmbH

Basically, special attention was paid to visualising the actual impact of the current projects as well as the upcoming and expected exciting projects.

Expectation exceeded

After the session we all felt very motivated and strengthened. We received many very good impulses and also questions. We can say that our decision to appoint you, dear Johannes, and you, dear André, to the advisory board was the best decision. You have exceeded our expectations.

See you in June 23

We are all looking forward to a first real physical meeting in the middle of Germany to pick up the drive from the #01 meeting of the advisory board of COOX Capital GmbH.

We have agreed on a number of action points and are working hard to implement them as far as possible in addition to our day-to-day business.

See you in June 2023
Goodbye; Photo: COOX Capital GmbH

If you have any questions about the orientation or current projects of COOX Capital GmbH, Henning is always available on the phone or via Linkedin message.

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Henning Schmale
Henning Schmale